For the Fall/Winter 2017, Cosmoparis celebrates girl power and its multiple incarnations—all packed in one irreverent collection of footwear and accessories that rejects the banality of universality. Sophisticated yet playful; feminine but not without a conscious desire to engage her inner child, our Cosmoparis girl steps into the new season in a confident, amusing and visually arresting patchwork of identities, rebelling against pre-conceived ideas about femininity. She is the FIRE QUEEN, the MADAME, the LADY FROM THE NORTH—she is one woman and lots of women all rolled up in one! For the Fall/Winter 2017, Cosmoparis is endorsing, in three distinctive styles, the disarming charm of a woman who feels comfortable, powerful and almost intrepid in her own skin—and her shoes. The fact that she has many faces (some of them seem like polar opposites) only adds to her unique personality—she does not care so much as dare to let different facets of her nature shine in different situations.
September 14, 2017